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Is insurance high on an Audi TT?

The Audi TT is an expensive car to buy and an even more expensive car to insure. Here we take a look at what makes this sports coupu00e9 so costly to run from behind the wheel, as well as who might need to read their insurance policy carefully before purchasing or in usurping one. So if you're considering getting your hands on an Audi TT, here are three things you need to know before shelling out for either the petrol or diesel version: 1) Insurance premiums The first thing that will cost you if you decide that you want a new Audi TT is its insurance premiums. These aren't cheap, and they re-protect the fleet car's cost as well as its performance and safety ratings. It's definitely an expensive car to buy, but we can help you find much better car insurance quotes than those Audi dealerships will want to charge you! 2) Retail price In 2010, the TT was given a redesign which helped reduce the weight of the vehicle, making it more fuel-efficient. However, at u00a324,810 for a basic model, this still isn't cheap. 3) Depreciation The TT is also known for having a high rate of depreciation, meaning that if you bought one new today, it would only be worth a fraction of its original value in just a few year's time u2013 so bear that in mind before buying one at full whack too. According to research from motor trend, the Audi TT is now the most expensive car to insure in Ireland as well as being one of the most costly cars for insurance in Britain. The research found that insurance premiums on a new Audi TT have risen by 24% compared to their 2013 level and now average u00a32,940 a year. It also found that men aged between 17 and 20 pay an average of u00a35,749 a year for a policy on a TT whereas women only pay an average of u00a31,983 u2013 so it's definitely not just male drivers who are likely to be seriously out of pocket if they drive this sports coupu00e9. 4) Safety ratings It may be efficient and rather good looking but does this high expense reflect its safety rating? It certainly does. In fact, the TT scored a total of 37 points in the Euro NCAP crash test u2013 this is approximately five times higher than many other cars on the market today and makes its safety features some of the best available to drivers out there.

How much is insurance for a Audi TT?

No one can give you an exact answer to this question as there are many variables that affect the cost of car insurance. These may include your age, any accidents or driving convictions you may have had, where you live in the UK, whether you have been named as a driver on another policy, what model of the car you drive and its engine size, etc.

What insurance Group is a TT?

A TT falls into group 12, which is a sports car. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, as some manufacturers classify it differently. You can check with your main dealer or insurance company if unsure.

Is an Audi TT considered a sports car?

It seems a pretty simple question, but it's one shopper often asks when considering this European import. And the answer is ''yes.''

Audi TTAudi TT

Audi TT Trims Available

Audi TT Trim Level Annual Policy 6-month Policy Per Month
2.0 Quattro Roadster$1604$798$134
S 2.0 Quattro Coupe$1737$864$145
2.0 Quattro Coupe$1813$916$152

Cost Summary

Driver Risk Profile Annual Rate Monthly Rate
High Risk Driver Age 30$3915$326
Safe Driver Age 20$3411$282
At-fault Accidents Age 40$2408$202
Low Deductibles Age 40$2271$190
Safe Driver Age 30$1818$153
Safe Driver Age 40$1725$144
Safe Driver Age 50$1558$130
Safe Driver Age 60$1551$128
High Deductibles Age 40$1435$118
Discount Rate Age 40$1435$119

Model by Year

Model Year Comprehensive Collision Liability Total Premium
2020 Audi TT $397 $719 $395 $1666
2019 Audi TT $381 $723 $397 $1662
2018 Audi TT $369 $707 $418 $1654
2017 Audi TT $360 $676 $433 $1621
2016 Audi TT $335 $652 $447 $1577
2015 Audi TT $326 $596 $454 $1542
2014 Audi TT $311 $563 $461 $1500
2013 Audi TT $301 $513 $461 $1436
2012 Audi TT $282 $470 $460 $1377
2011 Audi TT $271 $440 $469 $1339
2010 Audi TT $263 $406 $478 $1303
2009 Audi TT $241 $376 $473 $1256
2008 Audi TT $239 $341 $479 $1216
2006 Audi TT $207 $288 $472 $1135
2005 Audi TT $199 $256 $471 $1084
2004 Audi TT $199 $249 $461 $1075
2003 Audi TT $195 $240 $453 $1043
2002 Audi TT $178 $228 $449 $1010
2001 Audi TT $174 $215 $447 $990

Cost by Location

City/State Annual Rate Monthly Rate
Detroit, MI$6674$559
New Orleans, LA$3955$330
Miami, FL$3266$275
New York, NY$3235$269
Philadelphia, PA$2822$237
Las Vegas, NV$2842$237
Los Angeles, CA$2823$235
Louisville, KY$2709$223
San Francisco, CA$2392$199
Oakland, CA$2389$199
Sacramento, CA$2263$187
Baltimore, MD$2210$185
Long Beach, CA$2189$183
Tulsa, OK$2160$178
Oklahoma City, OK$2117$178
Kansas City, MO$2112$178
Denver, CO$2066$173
Memphis, TN$2094$172
Atlanta, GA$2066$170
Colorado Springs, CO$2049$169
Fresno, CA$1996$168
San Jose, CA$1977$166
Phoenix, AZ$1941$162
Portland, OR$1900$157
San Diego, CA$1890$157
Jacksonville, FL$1898$158
Boston, MA$1876$157
Wichita, KS$1833$153
Chicago, IL$1833$152
Dallas, TX$1812$149
Houston, TX$1795$147
Seattle, WA$1774$150
Minneapolis, MN$1770$147
Nashville, TN$1705$143
Indianapolis, IN$1703$141
Milwaukee, WI$1706$142
Mesa, AZ$1677$140
Albuquerque, NM$1660$139
Tucson, AZ$1622$136
San Antonio, TX$1599$132
Omaha, NE$1546$129
Fort Worth, TX$1542$128
El Paso, TX$1534$129
Austin, TX$1532$127
Cleveland, OH$1328$111
Columbus, OH$1241$105
Charlotte, NC$1175$99
Virginia Beach, VA$1121$92
Raleigh, NC$1025$86

Cost by State

U.S. State Annual Cost 6-month Cost Monthly Cost
New Hampshire$1248$627$103
New Jersey$1682$836$139
New Mexico$1480$739$125
New York$1905$958$158
North Carolina$1170$585$97
North Dakota$1316$658$111
Rhode Island$2063$1018$172
South Carolina$1607$794$134
South Dakota$1411$704$119
West Virginia$1522$764$128

Other Audi models

Other styles

Potential Rate Discounts

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Discount Savings
Multi-policy $64
Multi-vehicle $61
Homeowner $17
5-yr Accident Free $81
5-yr Claim Free $86
Paid in Full/EFT $47
Advance Quote $66
Online Quote $94

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